So… John C Calhoun is my Grandfather?!?




Since yesterday was South Carolina Day and the birthday of one of South Carolina’s favorite sons, my fourth great-grandfather John C. Calhoun, it’s only fitting that I dedicate this post to him. Continue reading

My Four Year-Old’s Run with Mr. Policeman

Michael’s preschool is closed this week for home visits and Thanksgiving. His teacher and physical therapist were scheduled to arrive at our home at 8:15 am yesterday, so I figured Michael and I had enough time to run to the post office and mail a few barrettes to customers after dropping his big sister off to school. Continue reading

A Twitter Rant and Reply from Pastor: The Story behind GaBBY Bows


The Rant

I can’t remember whether it was a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, but I do remember scoffing at Pastor Herbert Bailey’s Twitter handle and reply, “Sounds like a market you need to break into.”

My pastor knew how much was already on my plate between being the wife, number one fan and booking agent for Comedian Mike Goodwin, the mother of a then four year-old daughter and nocturnal nine month-old son – not to mention my demanding job in the rapidly changing field of health care and policy, as well as my service at church. Continue reading

How do you do it all?

…is a question I’ve been asked a few times. Stacey Sherrell of WFMV recently asked it on air after reading my bio to begin our discussion on women and strength. I answered as candidly as a woman who named her blog “Spit Up on My Blazer” could, “I don’t.” Continue reading

16 Questions and Answers About ObamaCare

Now that open enrollment has begun, reality is setting in that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the law of the land.  There will continue to be an abundance of political commentary on the ACA, but many are searching for the facts. Continue reading

Potty Training Aint for Punks–The Sequel

I penned “Potty Training Ain’t for Punks” in the throes of potty training my two year-old daughter four years ago.  Now, I’m potty training my son who recently turned three, and I confess I had no clue about potty training or patience then. Someone should have stripped me of my Potty Training badge of honor or at least downgraded me to an honorable mention. Looking back, training my daughter was a piece of red velvet cake. Potty training can be challenging for any parent and child, but potty training a boy… My. Goodness. Continue reading

My Miscarriage “Angel”

I remember finding out that another young mother at our church was expecting her third child one day after we were expecting our second. When I saw her, we hugged like cousins Mary and Elizabeth did in the Bible. We were so excited for each other and were looking forward to experiencing pregnancy together. Continue reading

The Rediscovery of Me

I’m searching in Life’s Lost and Found for something dear to me. Perhaps you can help.

She’s a Black female, last seen around 2005 wearing high heel shoes one size smaller than the size she wears now (the same goes for other garments not to be named). She was a driven little firecracker, oblivious and naïve about the life transformation awaiting her in Motherhood… Continue reading

No Thanks on the Toddler Tantrum Help, Stranger Susie

I wonder why strangers feel compelled to try to help us young mothers when our child is “showing out” (Translation: throwing tantrums, having fits) in public places like grocery and department stores. As if our child diverting every single shopper’s attention away from their tasks at hand isn’t embarrassing enough; here comes more attention from a total stranger. Continue reading